My Authority is my ability to make a Choice.

Choice is an authorised ability.

My ability to choose is authorised.

When my choice has my highest authority, it is empowered.

Without my highest authority, it will require my will power to achieve it.

My highest authority is my highest Self – my Soul.

My Soul authorises my Self in alignment with my vision and my purpose.

With my Soul’s authority, my choice is inspired.

The choice of my Soul empowers and inspires my Self.

Power & Authority are inseparable from my Soul’s perspective.

What is authorised by my Soul is empowered by my Soul.

What is chosen by my ego self is powered by my ego’s will.

My ego is authorised to choose although it will not always make authorised choices.

The choice of my Self is only authorised when in alignment with my Soul’s choice for my Self.

I can only attract what my ego wants with my Soul’s agreement.

My Soul’s Agreement is my Vision & Purpose for my Life.

We all have choice.

Choice is our Divine Right, and with choice, we have Authority.

We all have the authority to choose.

Not knowing what to choose is the only thing that limits my choice.

Not knowing what I want limits my choice and disallows my authority.

No authority means no power.

When I exercise my Divine Authority, I automatically connect to my Divine Power.

Divine Authority is the choice of our Soul and the Power of our Soul is Love.

Our Soul has infinite love for Life and infinite Power.

Our Soul is Omnipotent.

With infinite Love and eternal Light, the Soul has continuous Life in both physical and spiritual form.

When we make the choice of our Soul, we are empowered with the Divine Power of Love.

We all have the authority to be divine, but few have the power.

When I make the choice of my ego Self, I will have to rely on will power, which has no Divine Authority.

When we feel positive emotion, we are empowered to choose and we are connected to our authority.

With power and authority, we are enabled to choose.

When I feel negative emotion, I am empowered to choose but I am without the authority to choose.

My authority is being undermined by a false belief or an emotional need that is offering resistance to my ability to choose.

When I make a shift and change my perspective by challenging a belief or meeting a need, I regain my authority to choose.

When I feel no emotion in either a positive or a negative way, I have the authority but no power.

Making this choice will result in much effort being required and I will need an external form of motivation to achieve it.

Without my emotional power, my choice is not empowered and without external third party assistance I will almost certainly fail to achieve my objective.

Emotion is our guide-line for choice.

Positive emotion makes choosing easy.

Negative emotion is our guide to what we are required to work on in our self before our choice can be perceived as positive.

It is the resistance of my ‘shadow’ self that is the cause of my false conviction, belief or programme.

Our emotions offer us a ‘life-line’ towards our destiny, whereas our belief systems give us the ‘dead-lines’ of our fate.

When we have both the emotional power and the mental authority, learning the physical ability is effortless and enjoyable.

When either my power or my authority is missing, I will invoke ‘Murphy’s Law’ and what can go wrong, will go wrong and what I don’t want to happen will occur.

From a positive perspective, negative emotion is perceived to be a challenging opportunity for expansive, personal, spiritual growth and development.

I do not have the authority to make choices for other people.

I can only influence the choices made by other people when they give their authority away to me.

We all have choice. This is the authority of the self to choose and our authority to choose for our Self.

We all have the potential ability to make our own choices and we realise our potential through making choices.

Freedom of choice is our authority to choose and is our Divine Right that is God-given.

What limits my ability to choose is the influence of other people, especially other influential people.

We are influenced from birth by the choices that other people make.

Other people seek authority over us, so that they can influence our decision making.

When we take away another’s authority to choose for their self, we take away their power.

When we give away our authority to the influence of another, we deny our Self our True Power.

Without power, whatever authority we follow, we can never fulfil our potential ability.

Our Potential Ability is the product of our own personal Power and Authority that is accessed by connecting exclusively to the ‘Influence’ that is available from our Inner Tutor & Coach.

Keith Collins

The Inner Coach

October 2013


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