I have to ask a question before I begin. How many of you have caught yourself following a trend in business? Be honest. No one can see you beyond your computer, so it is OK to raise your hand.

Why would we follow trends? Because you see that they work for someone else? It is great to see a spike from a trend, but think about this:

What ALWAYS happens to a trend? It dissolves as other trends evolve. Would you agree? In my book, trends only belong in the fashion industry. It is a quick spike to boost sales and social acceptance, but NEVER for a way of doing business.

So, what am I getting at?

Systems. Systems do many things:

They teach ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
They give foundation to your business
They set expectations for your customers
They give consistent blood flow to your business.

Who would take long term results over short term spikes? If you did not raise your hand, then I am concerned. Maybe you were tired…so grab a cup of coffee real quick and read that question again.

What businesses have some of the most powerful systems in place? Walmart? McDonalds? Fed Ex?

Just to name a few. Michael Gerber praises Ray Croc in his books (E-Myth) on creating a franchise prototype. Your end product should not be the actual product; your business is the ACTUAL product.

Ray Croc did not sell hamburgers, he sold McDonalds franchises. He sold a system that was guaranteed to work in any environment, in any economical situation and in any geographical location.

Now that is a powerful thing. Now people who are passionate in that industry can benefit from a fine-tuned system to excel wherever they are, at any given time.

So consider this…think about what you are doing in your business. Think about what system you have in place right now, if any. What are you doing now that works and can stand the test of time? What are you doing now that does not resemble a trend?

Do you have your system documented? Could someone run your business without you being there? If they cannot, then you do not have a system.

Remember…it is helping ordinary people do extraordinary things. Systems make that happen. Systems guarantee success when followed.

For any questions about a simple system in customer service (which is my specialty), feel free to ask. I know they work, because they have stood the test of time, and have given my customers an expectation of being served every single time.

Wishing you much success



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