A number of reports hint towards a brighter future of the global aviation industry. Carriers are enjoying a golden phase where demand is increasing and the cost of operation is going down. As per experts, these market situations were much needed to bring equilibrium in the market that was slowed down in the previous few years due to various reasons. This is the reason that most of the service providers are adding capacity on popular routes or adding new international flight booking options along with domestic ones. Experts, after going through complex calculations and in-depth analysis, have arrived at the conclusion that bloom in the tourism industry will lead to increase in the number of flight bookings in the next year. The flight booking trend in the following markets have been mentioned after analyzing results.


Most of the business travellers selected Delhi and Mumbai as the frequently travelled domestic destinations as both cities are political and financial capitals of the country, respectively. It is obvious that most of the travellers looking forward to business dealing will go to these places as headquarters and zonal offices of giant business conglomerates are usually located in these two cities. In addition to this, Ahmedabad is also among business centres; hence, many people travelled to and from this city also. Apart from this, Goa emerged as the top holiday destinations followed by other beach cities of domestic ones. However, in case of international destinations, people preferred South-Asian cities, in which Dubai topped the chart. The frequency of Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad to Dubai flights was increased significantly. The report also mentions a steep upward curve in the number of fliers when compared to previous years and found that addition in capacity, discount on airfares along with increased affordability lead to these extraordinary results. Not only flights, but hotel bookings also witnessed rise, especially in budget property section.

The Middle Eastern and North African Regions

Experts observed changes in the travelling pattern in these regions. The out and influx of air travellers remained unaffected by seasons. They celebrated some or other occasion throughout the year. In addition to a consistence performance all around the year, the week of Ramadan was the busiest for carriers. They had to add capacity on several routes to meet the demand. Many travellers from all across globe opted to go for Saudi Arabia ticket booking in order to celebrate the occasion with their friends and family. Among various destinations, Jakarta was the popular destination travelled from the Asian countries. Reports also suggested that flights in Saudi Arabia continued to grow at a fast pace, and capacity was added by leading airlines like AL Maha Airways, Flynas and Saudia.

Europe still remained the popular international destination among passengers from the Saudi Arabia and most of the people opted for flight and hotel packages while making reservations. However, those looking out for family fun and a relaxed travel trip on the other hand chose Dubai as their favourite destination. Anticipating this growth in tourism in Dubai, new accommodation properties are also being built. This shopping destination topped the charts of flight booking even from other regions. Reports suggest that both India and Middle Eastern market is among most lucrative ones, and new global aviation service providers can also be seen setting up their business in these countries in the coming years leading to decline in air fares.


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