There are two kinds of book namely popular book and never ending book. Popular book is book contain popular case follow trend in book industry. For example, if trend software industry desktop publishing, then publisher will publish book about application software of desktop publishing in one trademark. After, trend finished, that book will “expired” and consumer will not see and buy that book.

Book industrial always has trend that followed by publisher to get much money instantly. Usually, these trends come to 3 months. After that, bookstore will move book to not prospect section indeed become “member of book warehouse” and waiting to return to publisher.

Unfortunately, one trend will follow by many publishers with many version of same subject. Reader will not buy all books from every publisher. They will buy book with easy learning, cheaper price, easy consultation from author, training software support, and others consideration of buyer. Therefore, this is not easy to follow every trend as publisher.

Next, never ending book is book contain story or knowledge without has time-range. This book is always useful every time and everyplace to every people. I am very interest to write this kind of book because I am not worry about time range and always has benefit for reader every time. Example that book is dictionary, novel, motivation, psychology, sex education, learning theory, political theory, handbook, lecture book, etc. I know this book will slow selling or sometimes will best seller. Publishers will easy to sale this kind of book. It is different with popular book where publishers must be hurry to catch momentum of book trend. If publishers failed catch momentum, then publisher will be lost.

When I write never-ending book, I have much time and opportunity to develop many subject and writing style without push by trend deadline. I have the freedom of writing with my emotion and never control with anything. Idealism can build in this book and never worry for selling time. Never ending book always has pure power of the book with love and passion to the reader. This kind of book always has phenomena that become history in book industry or society. Never ending book is always become top choice along time especially if that book becomes controversy.

Author like Karl Max with communism manifesto become never ending book. Art of war by Sun Tzu or Napoleon become lasting book in the world especially for military academy. Of course, the author will become part of history and always remember by human in every side of reader.

Never ending book and popular book is fact in the book world. Reader and author can select freely as long as get benefit for their life. Certainly, publishers will more rich than author because they get bigger portion from price of book. Why, read my next article.

Susmanto Hadi is independent author from Indonesia. He has been writing some books in Bahasa Indonesia. He also compile computer security glossary in an e-book to help everybody to understand computer security sciences. He is a ghostwriter to some local writer in Indonesia. He also conducts Internet marketing activities with his web.



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