Online Matrimony is slowly but gradually emerging as one of the most lucrative businesses in the country today. People are realizing the benefits of being on the net and choosing their partners. The matrimonial world indeed has become a long way.

Gone are the days when the onus of choosing the boy or girl lied on the parents or relatives alone. Today the decision is being aptly made by the entire family including the prospective bride or the groom. Thanks to the internet and matrimonial websites, it has become quite easy to choose your life partner. In fact it appears just a click away.

As per a research by the firm Juxt Consult, matrimonial search is the 13th most popular activity on the internet today amongst the 12 million urban users in India. The 25-35 age group forms the largest base of matrimonial users at 40 per cent, followed by the 19-24 age group at 34 per cent. Online matrimony users are relatively younger compared to the rest of the Internet users, the study says. The South accounts for 44 per cent of users of matrimonial Websites. Thus, South India too is coming to the forefront when it comes to choosing partner online.

Online matrimony is coming up as major brand which is evolving itself in a better form, keeping in view the needs and requirements of the users. The emerging trend is visible with many of the leading matrimonial sites tying up with DTH and mobile service providers to amass more and more users. Since most of the people still depend upon the dial up connection and internet still not reaching all the towns of the country, so partnership with the mobile companies appears to be a viable option. This has kept the matrimonial websites at a far higher pedestal than ever before since accessibility to mobile phones is far greater than the internet. Apart from this, many of the sites have also tied up with the leading newspapers of the country to generate more users through the classified columns where they are giving advertisements in local language newspapers.

The business minds understand the basic truth that in India marriage is a sacred institution-which can never be written off. Its importance is and will always remain. These matrimonial websites are more and more targeting the youngsters since they are the ones who are more net savvy then their parents.

The online matrimony business is said to be more than Rs 60 crore business today. Thus more and more centers of these websites are being opened in different regions all over the country. A combination of both online and offline users has made it even a more profitable business today. (Offline centers are visited more often by the parents of girls and boys).

Though online matchmaking is a great booming business in India but still it is faced with tough challenges the most important being- customer satisfaction. There are a number of profiles which are fake and made just for fun. This greatly hinders with the performance of these sites, since the website with a large number of fake profiles will surely be losing its users. So it falls upon the company to check that all the profiles are genuine and serious. Even today many of the people do not prefer the idea of posting their personal details, so these sites are losing a great number of customers on this account as well. Further the newspaper classifieds are taking away a large share of profits.

But on the whole, online matrimony is just on the right track, forcing us to change the old adage ‘marriages are made in heaven’ to ‘marriages are made online’



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