India is an enormous country marking the beauty of the biggest continent of Asia. The world famous tourist destination attracts tourists from every corner of the world. This beautiful country is known for its astonishing variety of unique cultural and geographical characteristics which fascinate every tourist.

The people who are lovers of rich flora and fauna will find exclusive attractions in the sanctuaries, wildlife and national parks. Adventure lovers will not be disappointed during their trip to India, as with huge mountains and exotic sun drenched beaches India displays as the perfect holiday destination with many different delightful activities. With so many attractions of the country, there are numerous reasons for the tourists to explore this fascinating country.

Some of the big states of India which are known for their incredible tourism are Rajasthan, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. By adding top ten tips to your India trip, you can make your trip not only enjoyable but worth visiting too.

1. Decide the plan you want to follow in advance

India is an immense country with so much to offer to its tourists. When you are making your trip to India you should decide in advance the things which you would like to do during the trip. You can get the varieties of different trips like the urban trip in India’s metro cities or a spiritual journey or an adventurous exploration of nature with historical foundation of the country.

2. Check out the different seasons of India so that you can choose the best to travel

Once you have decided for a specific plan that you would follow, you should find out the best seasons in which you can enjoy the most. All the regions are affected by the different seasons like if you want to go for skiing in Gulmarg then it will not be possible in the month of May and similarly if you are looking out for natural beauty in the north east of India then it will be a waste of time if you go in rainy seasons.

3. Clothes which will be best suited

You should take care of the clothes you are taking along with you. Do the packing according to the season and place where you are traveling in India.

4. Take care of the reservations in advance

From your plan tickets to taxi service for local traveling, you should try to make reservations in advance in order to make your trip hassle free.

5. Don’t try to finish the tour in a hurry

There is so much that India has to offer, so if you are planning to visit the country then you should take the full advantage of all the things. Plan for expedition and avoid rushing the tour.

6. Try to hire a local guide

Hiring a local guide is the only way you can enjoy the historical monuments, as the guides can give you wide information about the significance that monument holds in the history of India.

7. You should eat at good joints

You should guard yourself against diarrhea as there are many food outlets where you won’t get fresh foods. Ensure that you visit the popular restaurants or eateries.

8. Drink sealed mineral water

Whenever you buy a water bottle ensure that the bottle is sealed so that you get fresh water without any harmful bacteria.

9. Carry all the essential medicines

Although all the medicines are available, in India it is advisable for you to carry the essential medicines with you in order to avoid any mishappenings.

10. Shop for memento sensibly

There are many artifacts which are available at different prices. So take care that you buy sensibly also don’t go overboard with shopping as you have to take all the things back.

These are the top ten tips to your India trip, which will help you making your tour pleasurable and enjoyable.



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