Taxi Booking Software is a web based platform that allows your customers to book their taxi’s and executive taxi’s (such as Limousines) all online from the comfort of their own home or office. The platform should offer an administration interface where the taxi company can manage the content, and access all bookings and customer information. Usually the platform will include all the required functionality such as hosting, email accounts, updates, a domain name (the web address) and, most importantly, backups!

In a nutshell your Taxi Booking Software should be able to:

o Provide the functionality to make your own bookings
o Give your customers the facility to make payments and deposits online with their credit / debit card.
o Generate Invoices
o Update your web site without the need to get a web designer involved.
o Provide the customer with taxi availability
o Track your customers.
o Engage your customers through interaction such as feedback forms

More and more Taxi companies are looking for integrated taxi booking systems as it makes life much easier for a) the customer – this is highly important and in today’s internet age people should be able to book taxis online without having to pick up the phone and b) the taxi company – as all their bookings are now managed via an automated system which means they have an electronic record of future and historic bookings. From the historic data the taxi firm will be able to look at booking trends of set periods of time, and future bookings will allow them to budget their staff and taxi routes accordingly.

Taxi Booking Software can be built on top of a great looking web site and third party payment providers can be used to provide secure transactions. One factor that may be a stumbling block for Taxi firms is the cost of the taxi booking software. Some vendors offer a shared pricing model that allows certain taxi firms to share the cost of the system. This type of model is known as multi-vendor. As the taxi booking systems are web based this doesn’t cause any issues as the software is located on a central web server and the web site front end can be branded in any way required by the taxi company. In today’s technological world can your taxi company afford to be without booking software?

ICC has led the way in the neutral evaluation and vetting of the providers of taxi booking software [].

We are therefore in a unique position to offer advice on the best of these systems and the strengths and weaknesses of individual platforms. We have also identified those that offer the very value for money – guaranteed!



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