Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Is Available on Smartphone: Lets Make a Great Deck

Yu-Gi- Oh! Can be spelled out as one of the most popular TCG (Trading Card Game) in the world. Starting from a card game in a manga, Yu-Gi- Oh! transforms into anime adaption series, movie and video games. Talking about Yu-Gi- Oh and video games, there’s another Yu-Gi- Oh series which was recently released globally and should not be missed: Yu-Gi- Oh! Duel Links.

In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheat, the available features to play is in single or multiplayer mode. In Single Mode, you will play against NPC. Fighting against the NPC is not difficult because most of them will put the weak monsters in the arena. Even so, you are advised to play against NPC in order to get your level up and complete daily mission. Every time you complete a daily mission, you will get Gold and Gems to buy a new card. Oh, and if you’re lazy to play against the NPC, you can use the auto-battle feature against NPCs.

On the other hand, Multiplayer mode offers its own challenges. You will fight other players online. You can do the Duel Tour to fight other players and raise your position in the global rankings. On the other hand, you can play casually in Casual Duel or fight against friends in friend list in Friend Duel.

Unlike the Yu-Gi- Oh! In general, Duel Links has its own rules. If generally in one Deck must have at least 40 cards, then in this game we are limited to 30 cards. Extra Deck is also limited to 5 cards only. Oh, and the cards that are in this game are the cards that appear in the Yu-Gi- Oh series! The first generation. So, there will be a bit of nostalgia for you who have followed this series from the beginning when you play this game. In addition to the number of cards in the Deck, the arena is also limited to 3 monsters and 3 spells (plus 1 field spell), and the LP (Life Points) of each game is 4000.